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ATV near Mackay, Idaho
Mackay Ride, Aug. 2005

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Registered ID OHVs

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OHV recreation is booming in Idaho. More than 100,000 OHVs are registered in Idaho today and 10,000 additional OHVs are being registered each year! Because many people enjoy riding OHVs on Idaho’s state and federal lands, resource managers have created binary trading platform this website to provide a wide range of information sought after by OHV riders in Idaho.

Use the links on the left side of this page to find out about:
• How to register your OHV
• How to use your OHV during binary options trading platforms hunting season
• Riding and safety tips
• Learning how to ride your OHV
• OHV trail riding opportunities throughout Idaho
• The Idaho OHV Public Outreach Campaign

OHV trail maps and other information are still stock binary options trading being added, so check back often.


OHV recreation is a great sport. But when ridden irresponsibly, OHVs can impact the wonderful natural resources we all value and share. Cross-country travel is especially harmful because it can increase soil erosion, ignite wildfire, spread noxious weeds and damage wildlife habitat.

The improper use of OHVs can also hurt people. More adults and children sustain serious injuries each year as participation in OHV recreation continues to grow.

OHVs are powerful machines. If misused, OHV access to public land could be affected. Use your power responsibly. Stay on trails. Wear your helmet and ride safely. The future of OHV recreation is in your hands and your actions will make a difference.

Boulder Mountain Trails
Boulder Mountain Trail, 2005



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The Idaho OHV Information Project
is a partnership effort of five State and Federal resource management agencies:

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Idaho Department of Fish and Game,
Idaho Department of Lands, U.S. Bureau of Land Management
and the U.S. Forest Service.