The Idaho Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Public Information Project

OHV Recreation Guide
for Idaho’s State and Federal Lands

The Idaho OHV Public Information Project
How to register your OHV in Idaho
How to use your ATV during hunting season
Tips for enjoying safe and responsible OHV recreation
Learn to Ride Your OHV!
Maps of OHV trail riding opportunities
The Idaho OHV Public Outreach Campaign
State and Federal Agencies
OHV Websites - State to National

The Idaho OHV Public Outreach Project
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You are a Superhero!
You have great power.
You fly down trails covering miles and miles in a single hour.
You can carry a quarter of an elk back to camp without even breaking a sweat.
You can see for miles from a mountain top and save your family from another weekend of brain-sucking TV.
Yes, you have great power.
But with great power comes great responsibility.
When you take your trail bike or ATV onto public land you need to do the right thing.
Register your machine and know the regulations for riding or hunting in your area.
Be sensitive to disturbing animals, and others.
And please, when riding, always, always stay on the trail.
Use you power wisely.
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The Idaho OHV Information Project
is a partnership effort of five State and Federal resource management agencies:

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Idaho Department of Fish and Game,
Idaho Department of Lands, U.S. Bureau of Land Management
and the U.S. Forest Service.