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Learn to Ride Your OHV!

What to bring
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Learn to Ride Your OHV!

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation’s Off-Highway Vehicle Education program will provide instruction on basic riding skills. The program teaches through a building block style instruction format that addresses State laws and responsibilities, environmental issues, and safety equipment. Each class consists of two parts: 1) a home study course with a written test administered prior to the riding instruction and, 2) a 4-hour hands-on riding course focusing on All-Terrain Vehicles, Off-Highway Motorcycles or Snowmobiles. The courses are designed for children ages 6 - 16 but all are welcome to attend. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation will also provide instruction on avalanche awareness during the winter months.

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What Are The Requirements?
Each OHV must have current registration, and each rider must have the right safety gear as outlined in the Student Reference Guide. A parent or guardian is required to stay with their child/children under 12 during the entire class. Parents or guardians of children over the age of 12 are encouraged to stay during the entire class. Each student must have passed a knowledge test prior to the skills portion. Each student must also have their own OHV to use during the class. IDPR will allow children that “fit” an ATV or Off-Highway Motorcycle to participate in the skills portion of the course. A student must be able to straddle the OHV with a slight bend in the knees while the feet on the foot rests and have a slight bend at the elbows while the hands are on the hand grips.The IDPR class size will be:
Limited to four (4) students only ages 6 - 11
Limited to six (6) students only ages 12 - 16
Limited to ten (10) students only ages over 16
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How Much Does It Cost?
Currently there is no cost associated with Idaho’s OHV Education Courses.
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What Should I Bring?
You must wear the proper riding gear at all times during training.
Bring the following:
• DOT-approved motorcycle helmet
• Goggles or face shield
• Over-the-ankle boots
• Full finger gloves
• Long pants
• Long sleeve shirt or jacket

Sounds Great! How Do I Enroll?
Call the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation at 1-208-334-4180 extension 286 or complete an online registration at
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The Idaho OHV Information Project
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Idaho Department of Lands, U.S. Bureau of Land Management
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