The Idaho Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Public Information Project

OHV Recreation Guide
for Idaho’s State and Federal Lands

The Idaho OHV Public Information Project
How to register your OHV in Idaho
How to use your ATV during hunting season
Tips for enjoying safe and responsible OHV recreation
Learn to Ride Your OHV!
Maps of OHV trail riding opportunities
The Idaho OHV Public Outreach Campaign
State and Federal Agencies
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Brochure (pdf):
ATV/Motorbike Registration & Equipment Requirements

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Where Do I Register My Vehicle for Off-Highway Use?
• Most motorbike and ATV dealers.
• Most county motor vehicle departments.
Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

Where Can I Get My ATV / Motorbike Sound Tested?
• Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
• Your muffler must pass 96 db at the half-meter test. (Idaho Code 67-7125)

Where Do I Register For Highway Use?
• County Department of Motor Vehicles

What Idaho State Rules or Regulations
Apply to Off-Highway Vehicles?
• For details on Idaho Recreation statutes and definitions in Idaho code Title 67, Chapter 71 visit:



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The Idaho OHV Information Project
is a partnership effort of five State and Federal resource management agencies:

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Idaho Department of Fish and Game,
Idaho Department of Lands, U.S. Bureau of Land Management
and the U.S. Forest Service.