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This page summarizes OHV trail riding areas on state and federal lands in Idaho and provides links to maps and additional information. Excellent OHV trail riding opportunities occur throughout the state and additional OHV routes are being designated each year. This list will be updated continually, so check back often to find new maps and riding opportunities. These maps are the most recent available, but it’s always best to check with local offices to find out about current trail conditions and travel management requirements.

The Forest Service and BLM conduct a detailed planning process to determine which routes are available for motorized travel. Because this planning process takes time to complete, different areas of public lands have different types of information and maps available about motorized recreation opportunities. The amount and quality of OHV route information and trail maps will improve as travel planning is completed and updated.

Forest Service Travel Plan Maps
Forest Service “Travel Plan Maps” are the best maps available for finding OHV opportunities on national forest lands. Travel Plan Maps show detailed information about the routes available for motorized access and recreation. They are available for every National Forest in Idaho and can be obtained at Forest Service Office or by mail. Some National Forests have made their Travel Plan Maps available online and links to those sites are provided on this page. The FS is in the process of revising all of their Travel Maps and more will be available online in the near future.

BLM Maps
Idaho BLM publishes two series of maps that show travel routes on public lands: “Surface Management Maps” and “Recreation Maps”. These maps can be obtained at BLM offices or by mail. Like the Forest Service, the BLM is in the process of revising this information and publishing new Travel Maps. The Travel Maps will be more accurate, have up-to-date route management information, and will be available online.

Suggested OHV Riding Areas on National Forests in Idaho

1. Idaho Panhandle National Forest Trail Guide
Travel Planning website
The Idaho Panhandle National Forest has hundreds of miles of trails for motorized and non-motorized recreation. They’ve produced a comprehensive trail guide that lists some of the more popular trails. The guide contains 17 trails that are available for OHV recreation. Access, route length, elevation gain, level of difficulty, and a detailed trail map are provided for each trail. This is an excellent resource.

Click for large view
Ride location map

2. Clearwater National Forest Travel Guide 2005 Revision, pages 13-20
The Clearwater NF Travel Guide contains maps and descriptions of nine suggested ATV routes on the Clearwater Forest in north Idaho. The Travel Guide describes the location, trailhead facilities, elevation gain, level of difficulty, and show detailed maps for each suggested route.

Clearwater National Forest Palouse District Trails
These trails are for 50" vehicles (no UTVs), with a variety of skill levels available. Please respect private property and stay on trails. Directions to Ruby Creek and Horse Camp Trailheads.
-Contact Potlatch District Office at (208) 875-1131.

3. Payette National Forest Travel Management Maps
The Payette National Forest is undergoing travel plan revision across the forest that will revise much of the motorized travel on roads, trails and areas for both summer and winter seasons. Current allowed travel can be found by referencing the Forest visitor map along with the "Backroads" publication, which show any updates since the visitor map was published. Routes on the visitor map are makred as ATV, two-wheel motorized, non-motorized and roads.

4. Suggested ATV Trails on the Boise National Forest
The Boise National Forest has prepared a list of roads that are appropriate for ATV recreation. These roads have little traffic and are not well maintained but are open to all motorized vehicles, including full-sized vehicles. Remember, ATVs must be driven by a licensed driver and must have a current OHV registration sticker.
Maps Index

5. Danskin Mountains Off-Highway Vehicle Area Map, Mountain Home Ranger District, Boise National Forest
Link to order Danskin map
The Danskin Mountains Off-Highway Vehicle Area is located in southwest Idaho, about 15 miles east of Boise and 15 miles northeast of Mountain Home. It encompasses some 60,000 acres and provides more than 150 miles of designated trails for motorcycle and ATV recreation. The Danskins contain mountainous and high-desert terrain and provide opportunities for riders of all skill levels. Trails are open to motorized and non-motorized uses. Motorized use is limited to Off-Highway Motorcycles (OHMs) and ATVs (less than 48 inches wide) on designated trails only. Trails are clearly signed for their allowed uses. The area is generally snow-free and accessible from April- November.
- Contact: Mountain Home Ranger District, Boise National Forest (209)-587-7961

6. Emmett Ranger District Trail Index, Boise National Forest
The Emmett Ranger District has a very good trail index posted on their website. The index is a table that describes 29 trails. Of these, 5 trails are open to OHVs and 16 are open to motorcycles. The table gives the trail length, starting and ending elevations, and relative difficulty for different recreation uses.

7. Salmon Challis National Forest Trail Guide
The following website provides tables that summarize motorized and mechanized (bicycle) trail opportunities on the Salmon-Challis National Forest. Dozens of trails are listed. The trails are grouped by geographic area and information about trail length and access requirements is provided.

Suggested OHV Riding Areas on BLM Lands in Idaho

8. Boise Foothills, Ridge to Rivers Trail System, Four Rivers Field Office, Idaho Bureau of Land Management
The Ridge to Rivers Trail System is located in the Boise Foothills, just north of Boise. About 30 miles of the trail system in the Upper 8th Street area are open to motorized travel (look for Trail #1 and Trail #4 on the map, links below). These are single track trails best suited for motorcycle use. The remainder of the trails are designated for non-motorized use. A parking lot, loading ramp and restroom are located about 3 miles north of Boise along the 8th Street Extenstion. The motorized portion of the trail system is usually closed to use during winter months. The trail system is managed cooperatively by the BLM and the Boise City Parks Department. Trail maps can be purchased for $5 at local bike and sporting shops or can be viewed online.
- Contacts: Boise City Parks and Recreation Department, (208) 384-4240; Four Rivers Field Office, Bureau of Land Management (208) 384-3300

9. Salmon Area BLM Travel Guide, Salmon Field Office, Bureau of Land Management
BLM’s Salmon Field Office manages about 493,000 acres of public land in east-central Idaho. The Field Office finalized a Travel Plan in 2001 that allows motorized travel on either existing or designated routes, depending on the area of travel. Motorized vehicles must use designated routes in five specfic areas. Some routes have seasonal restrictions to protect wildlife and reduce erosion, so be sure to review the map or talk to BLM before setting out. Please remember that with very few exceptions, off road motorized travel is prohibited. See exceptions on the map.
- Contact: Salmon Field Office, Bureau of Land Management

10. St. Anthony Sand Dunes Recreation Area, Upper Snake Field Office, Idaho Bureau of Land Management
St. Anthony Sand Dunes is located in eastern Idaho 50 miles northwest of Idaho Falls. It offers 10,000 acres of sand dunes rising to 10,000 feet high. OHVs are allowed to ride on the open sand dunes. A portion of the dunes is open to motorized recreation year-round and a portion is closed seasonally to protect unique resource values. Staging and camping facilities are available.
- Area Map
- Winter Closure Map
- Dunes Information
- Dunes Rules and Regulations

- Contact: Eastern Idaho Visitors Center, 630 W Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 (208) 523-1012

11. Black Rock / Chinese Peak Trails, Pocatello Field Office, Idaho Bureau of Land Management
The Black Rock / Chinese Peak Trail System is located just west of Pocatello in eastern Idaho. It contains 40 miles of designated routes for OHV use. Motorized and mechanized travel is allowed on designated routes between April 15 and November 15. The trail system is closed to motorized and mechanized travel between November 16 and April 14. Staging facilities include toilets and picnic tables.
- Contact: Pocatello Field Office, Bureau of Land Management at
(208) 478-6340

12.Challis Area BLM Travel Map, Challis Field Office, Idaho Bureau of Land Management
BLM's Challis Field Office manages approximately 792,500 acres of public land in east-central Idaho. the Field Office produced a travel map in 2006 that depicts authorized motorized travel routes. The map is available for $1 each from the Challis Field Office.
- Contact: Challis Field Office, Bureau of Land Management,
801 Blue Mountain Road, Challis, ID, 83226 (208) 879-6200.

Other Sources of OHV Trail Maps and Riding Opportunities

High Mountain ATV Association

  • The High Mountain ATV Association is based in Wallace, Idaho. The Association promotes safe and responsible ATV use by all riders and sponsors rides and club events throughout the year. The Association publishes an ATV Trail Map to the Silver Valley that it sells for $2.50.
  • The ATV Map to the Silver Valley can be viewed at .
  • Contact: High Mountain ATV Association, P.O. Box 805
    Wallace, Idaho 83873



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